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            Compressor Condensing Unit
            Open Type Compressor Condensing Unit
              • Open Type Compressor Condensing Unit
              • Open Type Compressor Condensing Unit

            Open Type Compressor Condensing Unit

            ZMCU Marine Compressed Condensing Unit

            Marine compressed condensing units are to provide refrigerant liquid for air conditioning system direct end device. The units have the features of new-design, easy-operation, stable-working, safety and convenient-maintaining etc. They widely used for all kinds of passenger ship, cargo ship, oil platform etc.

            Outline of unit

            It is mainly composed of compressor, condenser and control box etc.

            The cooling compressor is world famous brand.

            Key controlling parts are world famous brand

            Condenser applies aluminum cooper tube、B10/B30 cooper nickel tube with high corrosion resistance and special structure, it can prevent ship from swing due to flow-stop.

            Pressure test, vacuum test and running test have been done before leaving factory.

            Match proper direct end device to form a full system.

            Its design and manufacture are according to standard requirements of ship class.

            Product in special specification can be customized.

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